Beach 4’s Cup Rules & Regulations


Pococks Indoor Beach Volleyball and Digz Beach Volleyball have recently formed a new tournament in the form of Venue vs Venue. The tournament shall take place utilising two categories, namely 4-a-side Open and 4-a-side Mixed (At least 1 woman in the team & on court). The top 8 teams from each venue, in each category shall be invited to take part in the tournament. Although at the end of the tournament, there shall be overall winners in each category, the MAIN objective is the competition between the venues. This shall be measured not by who has the overall best team in each category, but by the accumulation of points that each and every team from their respective venues earn throughout the tournament providing us with a venue winner.

When and Where

This event shall be an annual tournament with matches being played at both venues. The tournament shall run over 2 days (Saturday & Sunday). This year the tournament shall take place on the 26th & 27th October 2013. The round robin phases shall take place at Pococks on Saturday the 26th Oct with the Plate, Quarters, Semis, Finals and Prize Giving taking place on the 27th Oct at Digz Beach.

Venue Teams

The top 8 teams in each category from each venue shall be selected to represent each venue. In essence, this is a tournament for the top 16 x 4-a-side beach teams in Gauteng in each category. Each venue shall be entitled to determine their top teams by whatever criteria they deem necessary. Players may NOT play for more than one team in the event.

Tournament Entry Fee

The tournament entry fee shall be R600.00 per team payable to the teams respective venue.

Teams Selection Process

It has decided that in order for each venue to determine who their top 8 teams are in each category, each venue shall run team ladders. Unfortunately, the venues have to start somewhere so they shall rank all of their teams based on current league log standings, past inter-league tournaments and their team evaluations. Venue management’s decisions are final. Once the ladders are established, each venue shall place the ladder visible for all teams in their venue to see. They shall then run a challenge system for teams to improve their ladder standings. Challenge rules as follows:

  1. A team (challenger) may challenge the team above them or 2 teams above them (Defender).
  2. All challenges must be presented by email to the venue administrators who shall in turn relay the challenge to the “Defender”.
  3. The “Challenger” must be prepared to play the match at a time and on a day that is convenient to the “Defender”.
  4. The “Defender” is obligated to accept a challenge unless they already have another challenge pending.
  5. The “Defender” has 1 week to establish a time and date that is convenient for their team and a month in which to play the match.
  6. Should the “Challenger” win the match, they shall take the place of the “Defender”. The “Defender” shall move 1 place down. If there is a team between the two teams matched and the “Challenger” wins, they shall also move 1 place down the ladder.
  7. If the “Defender” wins, all teams remain where they are on the ladder.
  8. Only the “Challenger” shall be required to pay the venues standard match fee, per challenge.
  9. A team is only obligated to accept one challenge per month.
  10. Should the “Defender” not make themselves available within one month from receipt of a challenge, the “Challenger” shall be awarded with the win.
  11. The top 8 available teams from each category shall be confirmed one month prior to the tournament and ladder positions may not affect their entry into the tournament during this month.

Tournament Format

The format and schedules are still to be confirmed. We shall publish them as soon as they are. Please keep checking this page for updates. Thank You.

Awards Ceremony

  • The “Beach 4’s Cup” floating Trophy shall be awarded to the winning venue.
  • The “Best Open Team” shall be awarded with their prizes & medals.
  • The “Best Mixed Team” shall be awarded with their prizes & medals.
  • The “Best Open Plate Team” shall be awarded with their prizes & medals.
  • The “Best Mixed Plate Team” shall be awarded with their prizes & medals.
  • Best dressed team awards
  • MVP awards
  • Best supporters
  • The Honour Award

Dinner, drinks & Party etc

Match Format

  • All round robin matches shall be played “Best of 3 sets”.
  • The first 2 sets shall be to 21 points.
  • In the case that the teams reach 20-20, a 2 point lead must be obtained for a team to win. No cap.
  • Should the teams be 1-1 in sets, the tie breaker set shall be played to 15 points. Again, if the teams reach 14-14, a 2 point lead must be obtained for a team to win. No cap.

Venue vs Venue Points Structure

In the main competition which is the two Venues pitted against each other, points in the round robin phase shall be awarded as follows:

  • Teams shall receive a point for their venue for each match that they participate in.
  • Teams shall receive a point for their venue for each set that they win.
  • Once the round robin phase is completed, the points shall be tallied up and the venue with the most points shall be awarded as the winners of the Beach 4’s Cup.

Teams Points Structure

Due to the fact that athletes enjoy competition and have a desire to establish which team is the best team in each category, we have decided to extend the Beach 4’s Cup to include a team competition. Teams in the round robin shall accumulate points as follows:

  • Teams shall receive a point for each match that they participate in.
  • Teams shall receive a point for each set that they win.
  • Once the round robin phase is completed, the team’s points shall be tallied up and the top 2 teams from each venue in each pool shall advance to the quarter-finals.
  • Should any teams be tied in their points, their win/loss ratio, then sets difference ratio, then point’s difference ratios shall be taken into consideration.
  • Winners of the quarter-finals shall advance to the semi-finals.
  • Winners of the semi-finals shall advance to the finals where an overall winner shall be determined in each category.

Tournament Rules

  • The tournament shall take place on the 26th & 27th October 2013
  • Teams must make themselves available to play on both days.
  • There shall be two categories – Open & Mixed
  • In the mixed category, teams MUST have at least one lady playing at all times.
  • Each venue shall select its top 8 teams in each category.
  • Team Entry Fee – R600.00
  • 4-a-side teams only (teams may register 5 members).
  • Teams may substitute during matches. There is no limit to the number of substitutions made in a match.
  • Only people listed on the team’s entry form may participate for the team.
  • Players may NOT play for more than one team.

Tournament Format

  • Teams shall be divided into 2 pools of 8 teams (per category).
  • Each Pool shall have 4 teams from Pococks & 4 teams from Digz Beach.
  • Each team shall play against the 4 teams from the opposing venue.
  • Matches shall be played best of 3 sets. 21, 21, 15.
  • Teams must win by 2 points to win a set. No cap.
  • Plate matches shall be played at 1 set to 21 points in a single knock-out.

Volleyball Rules

Management from both venues have gone through their respective set of rules and found that both venues use the exact same set of rules. The rules that shall be incorporated shall be the same rules that teams are currently playing in the 4-a-side leagues at each venue. Should you require a copy of the rules, please ask the management of the venue where your team participates. Following are a few rules that the venues would like to highlight.

  • All net touches are net faults! The national rule does NOT apply here.
  • Setting or Volleying a serve is a fault
  • No scooping
  • No hand over (except blocking an attacking ball)
  • Pushing or fishing is allowed in 4-a-side.
  • We are not blowing doubles or deep-dish sets. Catch & throws shall be a fault.
  • At Digz Beach inside court only, the ball may touch the roof net but only on the 1st hit of a team & the ball may NOT go over into the opponent’s court.

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