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2015 Flying Fish Beach Volleyball Series

The Flying Fish beach volleyball 2015 series has kicked off with its first event being held at the University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN). Hosting the events at universities is to be the standard theme for the series this season with the remaining 2015 events expected to be hosted at universities in Pretoria, Limpopo and Potchefstroom.

Results from the UKZN event were as follows:


  1. Dieke & Lianne
  2. Randy & Palesa
  3. Natasha & Sheena
  4. Kirsten & Veta


  1. Colin & Casey
  2. Jerome & Grant
  3. Leo & Clint
  4. Dom & Sven


VSA’s 2014 Flying Fish Beach Volleyball Series Schedule

We have recently received the updated 2014/2015 Tournament Schedule so here it is.

Flying Fish Beach Volleyball Series Schedule

















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