Owner’s Profile

Vital Statistics

Name                                                         Colin Pocockcolin_block_2_-_argentena

Nick Name                                                 Cowboy (Don’t Ask!)

Birth Date                                                   11 June 1972

Height                                                        1m95 (and shrinking)

Standing Reach                                          2m50 (Jump Reach – 3m30)

Preferred Side                                             Left

Blocker/Back Court/Both                             Both





Indoor Volleyball                                     1990                 Started Playing

colin_block_-_argentena                       1990                 School’s Provincial Team

                       1990 – 2003       Men’s Provincial Teams

                                               SA National Team – Blocker

                                               Winner – Zone 6 All African Games Qualifier Botswana

                       1995                 Winner – Zone 6 All African Games Qualifier Zimbabwe

                                               Awarded best blocker in Zone 6

                       1999                 4th at the All African Games, South Africa

                       2000                 Winner of the Belgium / SA Series, South Africa 







Beach Volleyball                                    1991                 Started Playing & Rookie of the year

colin_spike_greece                                               Participated in the World Series, Durban

                                               Voted “best blocker” & “most improved player”

                                               Winner of “King of the Beach” (incl 4 x Internationals)

                       2000 – 2005       Individual ranking of number 1 in SA

                       2004                17th at the FIVB World Series in Cape Town

                                               World ranking of 43rd

                                               1st beach volleyball team ever from Africa at Olympics

                                               9th at the Athens Olympic Games

                                               2nd overall in the New Zealand Series

                        1997 – 2006      28 National Tournament wins

                        1997 – 2006      4 International Tournament wins








Previous Partners                                     Andrew Pocock

                                                                  Brett Goslett

                                                                  Nathan Davenhill

                                                                  Dave Hodge

                                                                  Casey Augoustides

                                                                  James Wyper

                                                                  Sean Heyes

                                                                  Dominic Golaith

Current Partner                                          Ryan Wentzel


Personal Facts

Marital Status                                             Married to Kirsten Smit, previous SA number 1 Beach Ladies Player

Kids                                                            Two (Saskia – 16 and Zeevah – 4 years)

Occupation:                                                Owner of Pococks Action Beach Volleyball (Pty) Ltd

Inspirational Player                                    Mike Dodd – “I only have so many jumps left in me, why waste them on warm-ups!”

Best Achievement                                       9th at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games

Favourite Moment                                       Winning the King of the beach in 1999 & beating Portugal at the Olympic

                                                                    games to go through to the knockout stages.

Volleyball Goals:                                         Not for me but i would like to see my wife playing in a World Series Tournament

Sponsors:                                                   Pococks ABV, Colin’s Toy Fund :-)colin_block_-_australia


Interesting Facts

Favourite Food:                                           Weetbix Cereal

Favourite Drink:                                           Coke, Milk & oh yes, Coke

Favourite Movies:                                        Tombstone, Seven

                                                                     The Matrix and The Bourne series

Favourite Music Artists:                               Joan Armatrading, Jack Johnson & U2

Lucky Number:                                             12, my number for indoor volleyball

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