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Beach volleyball in JHB?

Yes. We have built an indoor beach volleyball arena with four international quality courts. We host corporate or social leagues from Monday to Thursday and Team Building, Corporate Events / Functions as well as social days, kiddie’s parties and professional beach volleyball on any day as long as a booking is made.

Where is the Arena?

We are situated in The Northlands Deco Park, on New Market Road, just off Witkoppen Road and about 500 meters from Malibongwe Drive (The old Hans Strydom). The R512.

How many people in a team?

We run 6-a-side and 4-a-side leagues. The 6-a-side leagues are more suited to corporate teams and social teams that are from the beginner to intermediate skill level. The 4-a-side leagues are more suited for the intermediate to advanced or Pro levels.
If you wish to enter a social team and cannot find six people you can contact us and we will team you up with others in the same predicament as you are.

On what days are the leagues?

Unlike other sports, our leagues are fixed to a specific evening (ie. If you are a 4-a-side on a Monday night, you shall only play on Mondays and not the other days of the week). This enables teams to plan their weeks. We currently have the following leagues:

Day                         League Type                                                     Skill Level
Monday                   6-a-side Corporate / Social League                   Beginner to Intermediate
4-a-side Corporate / Social League                   Intermediate
4-a-side Corporate / Social League                   Advanced

Tuesday                   2-a-side B1-League                                           Pro Ladies
2-a-side A2-League                                           Advanced Mens Teams
2-a-side A1-League                                           Pro Mens Teams
4-a-side Corporate / Social League                   Advanced to Pro

Wednesday              6-a-side Corporate / Social League                  Beginner
4-a-side Corporate / Social League                   Intermediate
4-a-side Corporate / Social League                   Advanced

Thursday                  6-a-side Corporate / Social League                  Beginner to Intermediate
4-a-side Corporate / Social League                    Intermediate
4-a-side Corporate / Social League                    Advanced

Friday                      Fortnightly Socials                                               ALL

Sunday                    Monthly 2-a-side A-League                                 Advanced to Pro Men
Monthly 2-a-side B-League                                Advanced to Pro Women

At what times are the leagues run?
League matches start every hour from 18h30. There are be 4 match time-slots per evening. The last matches shall end at 21h30. Teams may however be called upon to play at least 1 match at either 17h30 or 1 match at 22h30 per season. The rest of the team’s matches shall fall in times between 18h30 and 21h30. We are flexible and do try to accommodate our teams.

How many teams in a league and what format shall be used?
Usually there are 10 teams per league. Leagues are dependant on entries. If it is a 10 teams league, teams shall play a full, single round-robin format, giving each team the opportunity to play every other team in their league. If the league is an 8 team or less, a double round robin is played to determine who progresses to the Semi-Finals & Finals.

How long and how often will a team play matches?
With 10 teams in a league, each team will need to play 9 matches. The schedule has been worked out so that each team shall play one match per week. A league is approximately 10 weeks long. This is also affected by the number of teams in the league.

What if I can only play on specific nights of the week?
The league schedules are planned so that each league is only played on 1 specific night per week. For example, if your team could only play on Wednesday nights, we would enter you into one of the Wednesday night leagues. No Wednesday night league matches shall be scheduled on any other night of the week.

Can women play?
Most certainly. Beach volleyball is a sport that caters for young and old, black and white, male and female, all having fun together. Beach volleyball is not considered as contact sport and thus appeals to women. All of our leagues allow mixed teams even though there may be teams that are compiled of only men.

How much does it cost for a team?
6-a-side               Registration Fee               R240.00
Matches                            R240.00 (each)
4-a-side               Registration Fee               R240.00
Matches                            R240.00 (each)

Should teams pay for their full seasons fees up front, we give a R400.00 discount.

Medal matches are excluded from the above rates as not every team shall make it this far in the league. These matches charged at the same rates as above per match.

We have a full team, so how do we join the league?
You will have to complete a team registration form, deposit the registration fee (or full season’s fees) into our bank and email or fax the completed registration form together with the deposit slip to our office. Click Here for our registration form.

What equipment do I need to play?
All you need is a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. However, men may play topless if they chose and women may play in a sports bikini. During winter, it is advisable to bring a track suit.

What facilities do you have?
• 4 x Indoor beach volleyball courts.
• Kitchen serving light meals
• Spacious, fully licensed sports bar
• Large screen in entertainment area with all of the sports channels
• 36m² outdoor patio with braai (spit braais can be arranged)
• Large male & female change rooms & showers
• Pool Table, Table Soccer Table, Darts Board & Social Poker Room
• Plenty of free parking in a secure business park.

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