Reasons to Play Beach Volleyball

Our top 5 reasons why we feel Beach Volleyball is better than any other sport.

1. A beach volleyball ball is large and soft and does not hurt you, whilst a cricket ball is small and hard and can really hurt you if you get hit by it.

2. Unlike in soccer, indoor soccer, action soccer, rugby, touch rugby, hockey, action netball and netball, beach volleyball is a non-contact sport so men and women are able to compete together & against each other, without the fear of women getting hurt by the men.

3. There is no special equipment needed in beach volleyball, whereas cricket and action cricket you may need cricket pads, cricket helmets, cricket bats and cricket gloves; in rugby you may need rugby boots, a gum guard, scrum cap, shoulder pads, shin guards and a uniform; in soccer and indoor soccer you may need soccer boots, shin guards and a uniform.

4. All shapes and sizes can play beach volleyball as there is no major skill or fitness level needed to have loads of fun. All age groups can play beach volleyball as it does not require a huge amount of running.

5. Unlike outdoor soccer, outdoor rugby and outdoor cricket, beach volleyball is played in a relatively small area so there is plenty of social interaction between team members and with the teams opponents.

In conclusion, beach volleyball is an all-inclusive sport where men, women, all shapes, sizes, ages, races or religions have a great time.


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“I have played in an Action Cricket league for over six years and have recently joined your Indoor Beach Volleyball league. What a breath of fresh air.”

Sheldon Tree

“I am so happy I stumbled upon your company because the beach volleyball is really cool. I love the great work-out and high level of competitiveness without the aggression.”

Shaney Sorgente

“What a brilliant concept! I wish that you had as many arenas as Action Cricket has because the drive from Pretoria is really long, but so worth it.”

Anthony Churchyard

“I know that in today’s times, people don’t often give positive reviews but I believe that when it is due, it’s due! Thank you. It is such a pleasure to deal with a professional organisation like yours.”

Ilze Swanepoel

“My wife asked me to fill in for her volleyball team on Thursday. What a fun way for a real work-out. I have decided to cancel my indoor soccer league and have convinced my team to register a new team in your volleyball league. I’m really excited to get started”

Casper van der Westhuisen