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Beach Volleyball is a really fun sport where NO experience is needed to have fun.

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Beach volleyball is a great way to get fit and socialise with your friends or work colleagues at the same time. It is a far more sociable sport than most other team sports. It is also not a contact sport and has a soft surface so there is really no fear of injuries.

Beach volleyball is a fun and glamorous sport that is really easy to play. You don’t have to be a master to have fun immediately. We have a number of leagues, each with a different skill levels We have leagues that will cater for the complete novice who has never touched a volleyball before, to those finely tuned athletes that can bury a ball in the sand with a ferocious spike.

All you need is you and 5 of your friends or colleagues to enter a league. Matches are scheduled for the same night each week so that you can plan your nights easily. If one night a week is not enough exercise for you, you may certainly enter into another league on a different night.

We also have great shower and change room facilities so you can come straight from work. We also have a kitchen serving light meals and a fully licensed sports bar where you can relax and socialise or network either before or after your match. So why wait, organize 5 of your friends and enter our league. Click Here for our registration form.

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