Year end party example

Overall Theme

In order to fit with a beach theme and to accommodate everybody, we suggest a very simple and informal beach carnival theme with plenty of colour and fun.

Our proposal includes a variety of fun filled activities (open for the duration of the event), a variety of hand meals (served with a token system and out of our food kiosks) and two bars running tabs unless the company would like to run a cash bar.

01 Year End Parties

02 Year End Parties

Entrance Area Display

The entrance shall be decorated with an assortment of flower lays & beach balls, umbrellas and deck chairs to provide everyone with that “WOW” factor as they enter the venue. We shall also hand out a flower lay to each member that enters the venue to add to the relaxed beach vibe. A great option is the “fun photo wall” where there shall be a photographer on hand to take photos of everybody as they enter.  

Upstairs Entertainment Area Display

The upstairs entertainment area shall be decorated with brightly coloured flower lays, 2 x mini beach displays, table lanterns etc. This area shall have tables and chairs for those that wish to have a bird’s view of the party. There are also 4 x balconies and a covered patio that may be used as upstairs smoking areas.

04 Year End Parties

In the area upstairs, we have two pool Tables, a foosball (table soccer) table and a darts board. These shall remain there for those that prefer the table games to our beach activities. There are also a number of TV’s showing DSTV sports so we shall be able to show any major sporting event should the need arise. Should you need the cartoon network for kids, this is also available.

The Beach Area

We shall remove the volleyball nets & posts as well as the dividing netting from 2 of the 4 courts inside the venue. In the open beach area, we shall provide colourful bean bags, wooden beach chairs, low cocktail tables draped in colourful table cloths and potted palms (which really add to the effect) similar to the following pictures.

We are also able to include fun activities such as a dunk tank, splash pool or a mechanical bull should you wish. Scattered in between the above mentioned items shall be a number of beach balls. These always provide an irresistible means to involve everybody as they will inevitably find themselves punching balls into the air waiting for the next ball to drop into their arms space.

07 Year End Parties

The Bars
We shall serve drinks from two bars during the event. The first is our existing bar which is situated upstairs. This shall be the main bar from a stocking and pay point perspective. We shall build another small beach bar down on the beach and shall be able to serve your clients right where the party is happening. The beach bar shall consist of a small beach style deck, fridges, a Brazilian beach style bar counter and the bar staff, similar to the following pictures. Please note that drinks on the beach shall be de-cantered as we do NOT allow glass on the sand.

08 Year End Parties

09 Year End Parties

The Entertainment on the Beach

The entertainment for the afternoon shall be in the form of a DJ providing an upbeat mix to keep the vibe on a high. There shall be 2 courts where we shall facilitate games of volleyball and / or beach soccer.


A meal shall be provided in the form of a full buffet braai. With three meat types and three salads types, there is something for everyone’s taste. Our menu is as follows:

  • Karoo style lamb chops slowly roasted on the braai and flavoured with fresh herbs and spices
  • Chicken portions, delicately marinated and slowly grilled until golden brown.
  • Traditional boerewors seasoned with our special blend of herbs and spices.
  • Creamy potato salad with egg mayonnaise and fresh parsley.
  • Our chef’s freshly prepared Greek salad.
  • Mediterranean style pasta salad and
  • Crisply baked rolls

We also cater for Halaal and Vegetarian requirements. Please indicate the number of people requiring these forms of catering. Unfortunately, we are unable to cater for Kosher requirements.

Other Facilities

Change rooms: We have full change room facilities so your group can come straight from work and need not go home first to change into their volleyball clothing.

Showers:           We have showers in both the men’s and ladies change rooms.

Parking:            We are situated in a business park and there is limited parking. We would like to suggest that a bus service and car pools are utilised to reduce any strain on the business parks parking. We should be able to arrange approximately 300 parking bays.

Non-physical Games

In our upstairs entertainment section, for those that prefer not to get too physically active, we have 2 x Pool Tables, 1 x Foosball Table (Table Soccer) and a darts board. We also have a number of TV’s with DSTV so that nobody will miss that important game should it coincide with your event.

Dress Code

Beach Wear (no sun-tan lotion needed J)

Our optional extras include

  • Extra Bars situated on the beach
  • Shooter Bars situated anywhere in the venue
  • Stages
  • Suspended lighting trusses
  • Audio & Video Equipment
  • Generated Power
  • Open area at the back of the venue where we are able to build extra staging & Tents or Marquees
  • Full Catering (from braai to five course meals)
  • Bands or DJ’s or any other special sound requirements
  • Full array of Décor
  • Welcome cocktails
  • Security Staff
  • Gift Bags


We are also not afraid to do something new and will include almost any new idea at your suggestion. Following is a list of ideas that we have previously hosted.

  • Beach Picnic Parties (Day event with gentle background music, blankets on the sand & picnic baskets)
  • Marimba Band, Bean Bags & Hubbly Bubbly Parties
  • Beach Rave (Stage, Extra Beach Bars, DJ’s, Lighting, Décor, Promotions Babes, etc)
  • Hawaiian Theme Parties
  • Charity Days
  • Company Family Days (Includes Giant Inflatable Slides, Jumping Castles, Portable Pools, etc)

Visual Info or Quotation Example:

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